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Extreme Fast Weight Loss

If you suffer from extra weight, first of all you have to start worrying because there are a low of methods and ways for you to take to get rid of these awful inches you would like to lose. By the way, it can be done rather quickly and effectively. But always consult your doctor before starting this or that extreme fast weight loss diet of program.

Unfortunately, obesity has become a common thing in the USA and many other countries in the world. About 25% of American children suffer from obesity. The main reason for it is consumption of a large amount of facts and carbohydrates. The worst thing about obesity is that it causes an increase in a number of problems with people's health. So, if you're ready to start losing weight here are some techniques that can be used to reach extreme fast weight loss effect. However if you have got any question, you should ask for an answer from your doctor as quickly as possible.

Lap Banding

Lap banding is a brief name for laparoscopic gastric banding. It is a procedure during which a silicone band is placed around the stomach entrance to make the patient feel full even after eating a small amount of food. This is an operation and it is performed by qualified doctors only. So, it requires consultation and full examination by a doctor.

Gastric Bypass

Another extreme fast weight loss method is to get a gastric bypass. It is a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass that is meant to divide the person's stomach, making a small stomach pouch. This pouch is able to hold only about 1 oz. of food (one slice of bread or small portion of salad).

Extremely Low Calorie Diet

An extremely low calorie diet usually presupposes consuming about or even less than 800 calories per day by a dieter. Such diets should be followed for a short period of time as their long application can cause serious problems with health. Low calorie diets are usually medically prescribed for people who are moderately or severely obese. This is acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These diets can be combined with nutrition counseling, behavioral therapy, making exercises or drug therapy to give better and long-lasting results.

Prescription of Medicines

Sometimes doctors prescribe their patients a medical treatment of obesity. Prescription weight loss medicines, such as Xenical and Meridia, are prescribed for people who have failed common weight loss diets and have a body mass index more than 27 or suffer from some medical complications like sleep apnea, diabetes, or hypertension. Medical complications don't apply to people with a BMI more than 30.


The last method you may try in case if no diets or exercises have helped you is liposuction. In many countries of the world it is a popular form of surgery. It presupposes inserting of tubes through the person's skin into the fat layer in order to draw out the underlying fat. You should remember that liposuction is usually not covered by health insurance.



The diet pills that work fast for women usually contain lipotropic elements which efficiently fight with body fats. They work by cleansing the fat from the body of an individual making him or her lose fat and weight in general. There is no enough information about unwanted effects of such pills so if you feel bad consult a doctor.

Another drawback of all fat burners is their action is very quick. And everyone knows that no person has lost weight quickly for effectively. What is lost fast is gained again.

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